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Coast of Attica

You can still find our original, just sand, collection.

Coast of Attica collection


Thease (Θίς in Greek) is a fashion brand that brings innovation by creating jewelry and accessories using one basic material, sand. The name of the brand derives from the Ancient Greek word Θις and stands for “sand”.

Observing nature, as time passes, we can discern the scars that leaves behind. At a slow pace, natural landscapes are changing, they are getting different shapes. Sand is the result of this natural change, since from a solid volume transforms into a pile of grains.

Thease follows a contrary direction to the course of time, trying to foresee and to suggest something that pre-existed by reverting it back to present in a contemporary way.

Thease products are designed and produced in Greece, in a small scale production with a process that combines contemporary industrial materials and handmade finishing. Their design is minimal while contemporary in order to enhance the properties, the humbleness and the natural feeling of sand.

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